Duplicity (2009)

Duplicity (2009)

Country: USA, Germany
Language: English, Spanish, Russian, German
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance, Thriller
Director: Tony Gilroy
Screenplay: Tony Gilroy
Stars: Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Giamatti, David Shumbris, Rick Worthy, Oleg Stefan, Denis O’Hare, Kathleen Chalfant, Khan Baykal, Tom McCarthy, Wayne Duvall
Filming dates: 9 March – 27 May 2008
Premiere: 10 March 2009

Filming locations:


  • One and Only Ocean Club, Paradise Island (Dubai pool party, bungalow in Miami)
  • Atlantis Casino, Paradise Island (casino scene)


  • Winnipeg, Manitoba (visual effects)


  • Rome, Lazio
    • Piazza della Rotonda (Ray sees Claire in Rome)
    • Piazza Margana (Ray talkes with Claire in Rome)
    • St. Regis Hotel – 3 Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando (interiors: meeting with Swiss businessmen in Zurich)


  • Zurich Airport, Kloten (exteriors)

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

  • Trafalgar Square, London (exteriors)

United States of America

  • Miami, Florida (exteriors)
  • New York City, New York
    • West Village, Manhattan
    • Grand Central Station, Manhattan
    • Convent of the Sacred Heart (interiors: hotel room in Rome)
    • Ritz-Carlton Hotel (interiors: hotel in London)
    • 424 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan (department store: Ray follows Claire)
  • San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California (Equikrom shareholders meeting)

Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

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