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Duplicity (2009)

Duplicity (2009)

Country: USA, Germany
Language: English, Spanish, Russian, German
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance, Thriller
Director: Tony Gilroy
Screenplay: Tony Gilroy
Stars: Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Giamatti, David Shumbris, Rick Worthy, Oleg Stefan, Denis O’Hare, Kathleen Chalfant, Khan Baykal, Tom McCarthy, Wayne Duvall
Filming dates: 9 March – 27 May 2008
Premiere: 10 March 2009

Filming locations:


  • One and Only Ocean Club, Paradise Island (Dubai pool party, bungalow in Miami)
  • Atlantis Casino, Paradise Island (casino scene)


  • Winnipeg, Manitoba (visual effects)


  • Rome, Lazio
    • Piazza della Rotonda (Ray sees Claire in Rome)
    • Piazza Margana (Ray talkes with Claire in Rome)
    • St. Regis Hotel – 3 Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando (interiors: meeting with Swiss businessmen in Zurich)


  • Zurich Airport, Kloten (exteriors)

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

  • Trafalgar Square, London (exteriors)

United States of America

  • Miami, Florida (exteriors)
  • New York City, New York
    • West Village, Manhattan
    • Grand Central Station, Manhattan
    • Convent of the Sacred Heart (interiors: hotel room in Rome)
    • Ritz-Carlton Hotel (interiors: hotel in London)
    • 424 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan (department store: Ray follows Claire)
  • San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California (Equikrom shareholders meeting)

Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

Duplicity (2009) trailer on IMDb


Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Country: Malta, USA
Language: English, French, German, Arabic
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Screenplay: Michael Green, based on Murder on the Orient Express (1934) novel by Agatha Christie
Stars: Kenneth Branagh, Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Josh Gad, Derek Jacobi, Leslie Odom Jr., Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley
Filming dates: 22 November 2016 – May 2017
Release date: 3 November 2017

Filming locations:



  • Valle d’Aosta (snow exteriors)


  • Valletta
    • Harbour
    • Lower Courtyard, Fort St Elmo
    • Piazza D’Armi, Fort St Elmo
    • Department of Customs, CIx-Xatt ta’ Lascaris, Il-Belt Valletta

New Zealand

  • Midland Line


  • Sursee, Kanton Luzern (landscapes shot from running steam train)
  • Sursee-Triengen-Bahn, Bahnhofstrasse 9, Triengen


United Kingdom

  • England
    • London
    • Longcross Studios, Chobham Lane, Longcross, Surrey (re-creation of the Orient Express)

Istanbul, Turkey

Murder on the Orient Express (2017) trailer on IMDb



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